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Our clients want to ...

  • Recruit & keep talent
  • Enable sales teams
  • Ramp new people
  • Sell More Effectively 
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Win new business
  • Grow accounts
  • Retain customers
  • Manage Better
  • Improve teamwork across the company

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My name is David Pemberton and my mission is to provide organizations with dependable help in achieving business results through the ongoing development of their people.

We provide sales enablement services designed to help you get and keep customers by improving how you go about getting and keeping customers starting with your people. 

We offer one-two day workshops that address pivotal skill areas that are critical to sales success. Improve in any one of these areas and you will improve in every other area of your business. 

Check out these topics:

  • Winning Sales Habits teaches what every sales person needs to say and do on a consistent daily basis to succeed in competitive markets with busy and demanding customers and shows how to make these skills into habits.
  • The HERO Method - Show anyone how they can become highly effective at referral generation and ultimately, how anyone can do business all or nearly all through referrals.
  • The Fire Up workshop teaches you how to Fire Up your presentations to Fire Up your results.  You learn how to design and deliver persuasive presentations with the kind of impact that causes action!
  • Making Teams Work is all about how to get people to work better together to accomplish bigger results.

All in all, these courses are designed to make it easier for your customers to buy and your sales teams to sell.