Our purpose 

Message from David J. Pemberton

Reach out to us, now, if you are looking for ways to improve performance at your place!

Our only goal is to ensure you achieve your goal - sustainable results. 

Leaders, today, face more challenges than perhaps, ever before.  As an effective leader,  you probably know that to accomplish targeted results, you must continualy work to improve your contribution and that of the people you are entrusted with.  

Our best clients believe that people have great potential and it is their responsibility, as leaders, to bring out the best in their people.  They believe that by doing so, people will contribute maximum effort to achieve superior results.

You may face different issues when you consider just how to go about developing your people - you may not have ...

  • Enough employees to require a full time dedicated development resource,
  • The budget or the in-house talent to meet all your development needs,
  • The "right" experience or expertise  in-house to teach your people what they need to know and do to improve their performance and deliver sustainable results.

We help you improve performance if you are facing these issues or you simply want fresh eyes and new approaches:

  • We have the tools to help you focus your performance improvement efforts.
  • Our approaches are flexible and scalable and finally,    
  • We have a team of  highly experienced professional consultants, coaches and facilitators  that ensure you achieve the results you expect and we promise.

"I have known David Pemberton for many years and believe him to be one of the finest consultants and facilitators in the country. He is a great resource for anyone wanting to develop their people or improve their performance.  His work helped us expand our distributor population into a worldwide network of professional consultants and grow our revenue significantly year over year."

                                      Brian Tracy, CEO, Brian Tracy International

About David J. Pemberton

  • Founded and operated three different companies over 25 years including:
    • A large scale seminar promotion company that featured internationally recognized authorities on human potential like Tom Peters, Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy
    • A public training center - designed and delivered public and private workshops on sales, leadership and personal development to all size enterprises
    • Our Consulting Group, Pemberton Companies  provided small medium sized businesses with performance improvement consulting and customized workshops on sales, presentation skills, teamwork, sales management and leadership development.
  • We partnered with a global learning system firm to help them expand their distributor network which enventually included a network of 150 consultants from across the US, 90 affiliates throughout Canada and 35 European and Asian countries. Along the way, we supported their recruitment, enablement and certifications for their consultants and worldwide client base .
  • We have served clients, large and small, across multiple industries including:  Allergan, ATT, Bausch + Lomb, Bell Atlantic, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Epicurean Catering, Hibbert Group, ICG Communications, Interior Specialists, International Paper, Ralph Lauren Polo, Rio Tinto Minerals, The Childrens Hospital of Colorado, Storage Tek, Verizon and many others.

  • David J. Pemberton & Associates is my latest collaboration where we offer consulting, training and development services to leaders who want to focus their performance improvement efforts and want to teach their people the skills and habits they need to maximize their contribution while building the kind of organizations they can be proud of.
  • We support our projects with talented independent consultants, trainers and facilitators who specialize in performance improvement.  Often our associates have developed programs and tools that we license and are certified to use with our clients.   We utilize associates as our client expertise requirements dictate.  
  • Our talented consultants and facilitators are former business owners, executives and leaders who bring domain excellence to every project. As a result, they have seen what works and what does not, they have done what works and what does not and they know the difference. 
  • Our associates are experts at helping our  clients achieve their big goals by teaching the skills and habits people need to improve performance in the critical areas that contribute to results.
  • Our facilitators are highly experienced having spent hundreds of hours teaching our programs in many of the world's best oganizations throughout the world.  These experiences give them immediate credibility with any audience.   

About our Associate Team

  • We ensure that every program we present fully engages your people in their own development.
  • Participants get great content, relevant practice, feedback  and coaching so they gain the confidence to use  what they learned in the classroom - back on the job.  
  • We offer specialized developmental services that you can rely on to ensure continuous improvement.