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The Managing for Results Series :

It can be frustrating knowing that some people give you the minimum effort to get by and others give the maximum to get ahead. 

Your success depends on your ability to capture this "discretionary effort".  Managers who do will succeed and those who don't - won't.

The Managing for Results and Principles and Practices of Effective Teams can help you accomplish your goals for this year and beyond!

Manage for Results - Principles and Practices
Getting results through others is a tricky project, particularly when people do things for their reasons not ours.  Leaders have to be good at the core skills:

  • Set goals and priorities,
  • Hire and keep talent,
  • Get people organized, 
  • Build your team,
  • Keep everyone informed,
  • Enable people to solve problems
  • Coach, counsel and fire
  • Celebrate success - have fun.

Manage for Results helps managers get better results through others.      Learn More
Team Effectiveness Principles and Practices
Is your team effective?

The real measure of team effectiveness is whether or not your team can achieve what they set out to accomplish on a consistent, ongoing basis.

The Dynamic Team Offsite is a great way to build your team and get your people to work better together to accomplish bigger things.    Learn more