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Managing for Results - Principles and Practices
Maybe you just got promoted and now you're in charge. Good going.  Now for the reality check. 

The skills that got you promoted may work against you in this role, if you didn't get training for this role.

Here's the challenge.  You used to be responsible for your own results, now you are paid to get results through the efforts of others.  

This takes an entirely different mindset and a new set of skills.  Even if you've been a manager for any length of time, things around you have probably changed considerably and that poses new issues.

Do you need to hit "Reset"? 
Growing Telecom Co Expands Management Skills
"We were opening new markets, hiring and churning people rapidly.  Managing for Results helped us get our new team up and running quickly and gave us the structure to manage our growth.  Our managers are hiring better and their branches are performing faster."                                  
VP Sales Ops
Large regional telecom CLEC
Managing for Results - Principles and Practices


One day workshop for directors, managers,  high potential candidates - anyone who wants to achieve superior results through others.


This is a fast paced dive into what it takes to succeed as a modern manager.  Your team will learn principles and practices they can use immediately to improve their management skills. 

During the workshop

  • Discuss with peers solutions to common issues
  • Assess strengths and areas for improvement
  • Apply ideas to engage, motivate and focus
  • Use new science of positive psychology
  • Set performance rhythm and cadence daily
  • Use ideas to free up time and get more done

Managers take away ...

  • Simple strategies to focus people on results
  • Plans to attract and keep talent
  • Tips to get new people productive quickly
  • Tactics to get people to work well together
  • Keys to improve listening skills
  • Strategies to deal with difficult people
  • Skills to coach in four different situations
  • Techniques to manage energy and emotions

Each person receives a personal workbook and a review and follow through guide with notes, templates, exercises and free resources.

For information about how to bring this session to your leadership team.  Contact us.