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Want to Maximize Individual Contribution?
These days, the fear of losing one's job is driving  "surface" productivity in many companies and according to Mercer, over 42% are dissatisfied with their jobs and would immediately leave their employer if a better opportunity showed up. 

Gallup studies cite a direct connection between employee engagement and productivity.  One element of engagement is that people feel they are doing significant work and learning and growing on the job.

Those managers that provide their employees with the opportunity to learn new life skills while gaining greater meaning on the job now, will reap the benefits of an engaged and loyal workforce as the economy recovers.  

The ability to help people connect their spirit to their work may be the greatest leadership skill you can develop as a manager.
The Psychology of Accomplishment Retreat:
If you are looking for a way to better engage your people, The Psychology of Accomplishment one day retreat may be just right.
The Psychology of Accomplishment Description

This workshop is designed to give people an opportunity to step back from the canvas of their lives to rethink, refresh and renew so they can accomplish greater success at work and in their personal lives.

During the retreat your people will learn:

  • Discover individual strengths 
  • Experience shift in perspective
  • Increase ability to handle stress
  • Exercises to increase personal energy
  • How to create personal development plans
  • How to build superior relationships
  • How to set and achieve goals.

After the retreat you will see:

  • Greater acceptance of responsibility
  • Higher personal accountability
  • General sense of well being
  • Greater sense of urgency
  • Improved relationships
  • More cooperation
  • Less conflict

Support Materials

  • Complete workbook with reminders and planning templates
  • Follow through action guide to help turn ideas into actions

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