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Want to increase team effectiveness?
Maybe you took over a team and added folks.  You need to get to know them quickly since you've got people depending on your team and deadlines are approaching. 

Can your people achieve what they set out to accomplish on a consistent, ongoing basis?

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The Dynamic Team Offsite
Team effectiveness is less about team building and more about how well your people work together to accomplish bigger things. 

Improve teamwork and automatically increase employee engagement and individual contribution through out the organization.
Children's Hospital Embraces Teamwork
"We had been experiencing some turnover and we wanted to improve our employee and patient satisfaction scores.  The Dynamic Teamwork Series helped us improve on both counts and we continue to improve each period."

VP Finance
Children's Hospital of Colorado
The Dynamic Team: Principles and Practices

Audience:   This program is for intact leadership teams or functional executives and their direct reports. It focuses on the principles and practices that promote cooperation and productive effort.


  • One day, two day or series of 1/2 day sessions
  • Great for all types of teams - leadership, project, product marketing and process improvement

What you notice after the retreat:

  • More trust and less infighting
  • More effective meetings
  • Increased acceptance of conflict - more buy in
  • Improved listening - better discussions
  • Faster/better decision making
  • More energy and higher morale
  • Real commitment to results
  • Greater accountability for results
  • Focus and clear action plans
  • People working better together to achieve goals

During the offsite the group will:

  • Assess the team's overall effectiveness
  • Get to know each other using behavioral and thinking preference tools
  • Engage in practical exercises
  • Discuss the principles, apply the practices and establish the regimens that enable teamwork
  • Put in "rules of the game"
  • Develop clear action plans
  • Learn and have fun together

Each person receives a personal workbook and a review and follow through guide that contains notes, templates, practice exercises and free resources.

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