Fire Up Your Presentations & Fire Up Your Results!

Why your team needs this workshop:

Today, even in small sales, business executives are inviting more people to assist in their decision making process.   

As a result, your people will more likely have to make more presentations to groups. 

  • The issue is that executive surveys report that the average group presentation doesn't persuade anyone.  That may mean trouble in River City for your team.
  • The ability to design and deliver engaging presentations is one of the most valuable skills anyone can possess; yet, one of the most overlooked but, one that can be learned.
  • The question for you is, "How much are ineffective group presentations costing you in "no decision" decisions and lost opportunities?"

The Winning Persuasive Presentations Workshop will

  • Shorten your sales cycle,
  • Increase your win rate,
  • Eliminate "no decision' decisions and
  • Decrease your time to revenue. 

Don't be surprised if you start getting forecasts you can believe in.

Learn how you can bring The Fire Up Training to your team and learn how to deliver winning presentations.

*We are certified facilitators for the "FireUp Training Program" by Tom McCarthy and Associates.

                          "Loved the class, can't believe how much I learned. Probably the best coaching I have had.  Happy to recommend you anytime to anyone!"                                                                                                                                                                           Connor Long, Virtual Systems Account Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Winning Presentations Topics Include how to:

  • Fire Up Your Presentations to Fire Up your results. *
  • Focus your presentations on the right outcome
  • Mentally / emotionally prepare to play the game to win
  • Energize and motivate even your toughest audience
  • Grab your customer's attention even before you begin
  • Turn presentations into a series of "connected conversations"
  • Use voice, body language and movement to create presence
  • Get your audience highly engaged in your presentation 
  • Design and deliver engaging stories
  • Cause customers to act
  • Avoid dreaded "no decision" decisions
  • Look forward to every opportunity to convince others of the value of your products, services, position or recommendations

Each individual has four opportunities to be video-taped presenting & receives peer, self and professional feedback and coaching.

The Winning Persuasive  Presentations Workshop

  • This program addresses the four biggest mistakes an average presenter makes and in turn, teaches the core skills they need to design and deliver engaging presentations that cause impact.
  • Whether your people need to persuade a buying committee, a group of executives or a dispersed audience via video conferencing technology - Skype, Webex or Zoom, this program will help them design and deliver engaging presentations that  cause action.