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Sales Presentation Skills Increase Quickly

"I thought I was a pretty good presenter before this workshop...boy was I surprised about what I didn't know.  Seeing myself on video was huge.  I was delighted how much improvement I saw in just those two days."

Senior Sales Rep
Enterprise Telecom Sales
Effective Sales Presentation Skills Workshop
This workshop is for anyone who has to sell ideas to others - one on one in a coffee shop, in front of a buying committee, part of a team presentation or as the star of a web event.
After this workshop you will know how to:

  • Capture attention
  • Keep people engaged in your presentation
  • Structure your meeting for maximum impact
  • Make conversational presentations
  • Overcome fear and speak confidently
  • Make your presentation memorable

During the workshop you:

  • Practice your skills via small groups
  • Video taped practice exercises with peer and professional feedback
  • Learn techniques to give you the confidence to speak to anyone
  • Create an effective opening
  • Immediately establish credibility and trust
  • Maximize your personal power and natural style
  • Use your eyes, voice, movement for effect
  • Incorporate meaningful gestures
  • Practice telling relevant stories
  • Maximize involvement
  • Answer objections in stride
  • Call for action and set the next best step.

Each participant receives suggestions for immediate improvement, personal workbook, planning forms and resources for further development.  Group sizes are limited to 12 people for maximum personal attention.

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