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Winning Sales Habits Teaches the Basics
When it comes to success in selling, the challenge isn't in the knowing, it's in the doing - consistently.

Most managers know that if their people would do a few things well each day, they could easily achieve their targets. 

The issue is identifying those few things and then forming the habits that enable sales success. 

The Winning Sales Habits workshop teaches new and experienced people to do the key things that make the most difference in their ability to create and keep customers and to make doing those things  habit.   Learn More
"Winning Sales Habits" helps you win sales!
The Winning Sales Habits workshop is partially based on the book, CatchFire by Peter McLaughlin.  The book makes the point that high performing athletes train mentally, emotionally and physically in their sport to be able to perform at their best under pressure.

In Winning Sales Habits, Peter takes the principles that enable athletes to perform at their best and translates them to what sales athletes need to do each day to perform at their best.
The Winning Sales Habits Workshop
One day workshop for sales, marketing, service reps, and managers who want to master the basic skills and habits it takes to create and keep customers.

After the workshop your people will be able to:

  • Think like high achievers think about sales
  • Form new sales habits
  • Manage energy and emotions to stay motivated
  • Apply principles of positive psychology to sales
  • Set and achieve sales goals

During the meeting your people:

  • Discuss how thinking patterns influence the choices we make to help us or hold us back
  • Identify the things people need to stop doing and things they need to start doing
  • Practice skills that every sales person must know, understand and apply consistently
  • Discuss the best relation building strategies
  • Use social networks to build sales relationships
  • Make action commitments / create action plans

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Leading Catering Company Builds Winning Habits

"The Winning Sales Habits program taught just what our team needed - clear ideas what to do each day, core sales skills and a step by step plan to get energized for selling and serving our customers."

General Manager  
Catering Company