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It takes new skills to win sales today!
Many experts are suggesting that buyers have forever changed the rules of selling. 

More than 70% of buyers research their options on the internet before they ever agree to meet with a sales person.

  • Chances are they know more about your products and services than your rep does
  • Buyers look at sales discovery processes as a waste of their time. 
  • They expect your rep to bring them insights beyond the obvious.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners have little patience for anything that does not have tangible benefit right now

Essentially, they do not value your contribution unless you can convince them - quickly, that you have a contribution to make.

The "Win Sales Now" workshop shows sales teams how to add value to any prospect conversation so that they not only get in the game but have a solid chance to win - for themselves, their company and their customer.

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Win Sales - Now
This one day workshop is designed for sales and account management teams who sell face to face and depend on their skills and strategies to create and keep customer relationships.

After this program sales teams will be able to:

  • Set priorities and focus on high value tasks
  • Build rapport and earn trust with customers
  • Maintain confidence no matter what
  • Perform quick research to prepare for calls
  • Use social media to build networks
  • Close more sales - faster.

During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Best position themselves with buyers
  • Plan how to differentiate from other options
  • Craft effective sales messages
  • Ask better questions
  • Improve listening skills
  • Get into see small business owners
  • Answer their customers most asked questions
  • Identify the trigger events motivate buyers
  • Look for compelling events that create urgency
  • Use account reviews to grow relationships

Support Materials

  • Complete workbook with notes, reminders and planning templates

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